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Commit 02e0233c authored by Arent-Jan Banck's avatar Arent-Jan Banck

CHANNELMGR-1603 Fix typo in English translation

parent ac71a5e9
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@
"ERROR_RELEVANCE_GLOBAL_VARIANTS_UNAVAILABLE": "Failed to retrieve the list of global variants",
"ERROR_RELEVANCE_VARIANT_SELECTION_FAILED": "Failed to activate global variant '{{variant}}'",
"ERROR_REQUEST_PENDING": "Request pending",
"ERROR_SERVER_ERROR": "An unexpected error occured, please try again",
"ERROR_SERVER_ERROR": "An unexpected error occurred, please try again",
"ERROR_SLUG_ALREADY_EXISTS": "Failed to create URL, it is already used",
"ERROR_SITEMAP_ITEM_RETRIEVAL_FAILED": "Failed to retrieve meta data for the current page",
"ERROR_SITEMAP_RETRIEVAL_FAILED": "Failed to retrieve the sitemap for the current channel",
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