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  1. 27 Feb, 2018 2 commits
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      CHANNELMGR-1731 Remove unneeded check · 70171824
      Joeri de Gooijer authored
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      CHANNELMGR-1731 Only show overlay if project in "Unapproved" · 16264f82
      Michiel Rop authored
      Only show the overlay if there is a selectedProject that has the
      state "Unapproved".
      A listener implementation is impossible, because the project service
      gets loaded after the overlay service. So register to a a listener
      in the project service is not going to work.
      Alternatively calling the overlay service from the project service
      creates a circular dependency.
      Calling the setter is needed because the overlays have to be in sync
      with the toggles.
  2. 23 Feb, 2018 4 commits
  3. 22 Feb, 2018 2 commits
  4. 21 Feb, 2018 3 commits
    • Mathijs den Burger's avatar
      CHANNELMGR-1740 Reorder methods (no code changes) · 94b960f6
      Mathijs den Burger authored
      The _initManageContentLink method uses the _initManageContentConfig and
      _initButtons, so it's more logical to place it first. That way methods
      refer to methods later in the file.
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      CHANNELMGR-1740 Sanitize manage content button markup, styling and code · 9341632e
      Mathijs den Burger authored
      - Prefix all CSS classes with "hippo-" to prevent that the generated
        overlay is affected by channel-specific styling on (accidentally) the
        same CSS class names.
      - Improve naming: there's a "main" button (.hippo-fab-main) and zero or
        more "option" buttons (.hippo-fab-option). The option buttons are
        located inside a container element (.hippo-fab-options).
      - Don't speak about a "fab button", since "fab" already means "floating
        action button" and a "floating action button button" is pointless.
      - Remove the class hippo-fab-dial-container since the top-level class
        hippo-overlay-element-manage-content-link already exists and is more
        in line with the other overlay elements.
      - Remove the is-showing-options class: the markup generation of the
        option buttons was already delayed until the options where shown (when
        hovering the main button) but that markup was hidden via CSS again.
        It's much simpler (and lighter to the DOM) to remove the markup again.
        Checking whether the options are already generated can then be done by
        checking whether the container element has any children, and the
        styling can assume that options are always visible.
      - Remove the is-left class: it's not needed anymore now the main button
        never changes into a 'close' button anymore. The options are simply
        opened when the main button is hovered and closed again when not.
      - Remove the hippo-fab-btn-open class since it was not used at all.
      - Replace the 'hippo-bottom' and 'hippo-top' class on the top-level
        overlay element with a 'hippo-fab-options-above-main-button' class
        on the hippo-fab-options container. The styling only affected the
        container anyway. The default is now to show the options below the
        main button, but with hippo-fab-options-above-main-button set the
        options are shown above the main button.
      - Move the logic to determine the position of the options (above/below
        main button) to a separate function.
      - Include the number of options shown in the calculation instead of
        always assuming two options.
      - Calculate the viewport position (top and bottom) in a separate
        function. The getElementPosition function is also called whenever the
        position of all overlay elements is synced, which happens frequently.
        Also calculating the viewport position for each overlay element
        during the sync without even using was a waste of resources.
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      CHANNELMGR-1740 Make create content buttons round instead of oval · f4f8a429
      Mathijs den Burger authored
      The 'option buttons' now have an explicit width and height of 32px and
      are centered horizontally with flexbox (align-items: center).
      Before the options button were 40x40 px with a scale of 0.8, which made
      them look like 32x32 (0.8 x 40px = 32px) but left odd 'open' margins
      around the scaled-down buttons.
      Positioning the scaled option buttons was done via padding tweaks in the
      parent container (.hippo-fab-dial-options). That was not only hard to
      follow; it also caused the weird sudden-closing behavior of the option
      buttons when multiple create-content buttons were located closely to
      each other. Since all containers were at least 5px high, even when no
      option buttons were shown, containers later in the DOM stole the mouse
      focus of opened options earlier in the DOM. For example: when two manage
      content button A and B were shown above each other (first A, then B),
      and the option buttons A were shown, and the mouse accidentally hovered
      over the empty option button container of button B (e.g. while moving
      the mouse down from the main button of A to one of its options), the
      empty container of B would grab focus, causing the options of A to
      suddenly close. By giving the option buttons a fixed size and using
      margins on the button to position them, the container around the options
      now has zero height when no option buttons are shown and therefore
      never steals mouse focus accidentally.
      The specific padding per option button based on its title is not needed
      anymore. It also would not have worked when a user logged in with
      another language, since the 'title' tags are translated.
  5. 20 Feb, 2018 3 commits
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