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      CHANNELMGR-1520 Move 'alternative step 2' logic outside content editor · 79188423
      Mathijs den Burger authored
      The message shown above the content editor differs in state
      'edit-content' and 'create-content-step-2'. Instead of having the
      content editor know both messages, transclude the message and show it
      based on a single input property 'showMessage'. This also removes the
      need for the 'switchEditor' callback, since each state template
      completely owns the message on top of the content editor and any
      behavior attached to it.
      Whether to allow saving now depends on an additional input parameter
      'allowSave'. In 'edit-content' state saving is always allowed, but in
      'create-content-step-2' it depends on whether all required fields in
      the document type can be created.
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      CHANNELMGR-1539 Update component parameter after step 2 · 9ec07d61
      Mathijs den Burger authored
      The logic to save a component parameter moved to the new
      HstComponentService so it can be reused in the OverlayService and the
      Step2Service. The logic to pick a path also moved to the
      HstComponentService since it seems closely related, and reduces the
      (huge) size of the OverlayService a little bit. Both pickPath and
      setPathParameter accept a basePath; for relative paths that will be the
      channel content root, otherwise it will be empty. This way the fetching
      of the channel content root can be done outside the HstComponentService.
      The overlay passes the necessary information about the component
      parameter to the CreateContentService. Step 1 only remembers it
      so it can be passed to step 2.
      Saving the document after step 2 triggers a notification "Document
      saved". If a component parameter is provided the path to the document is
      then stored in the parameter. This triggers a second notification, or an
      error when it fails (which can happen if the component is locked by
      someone else concurrently).
      The OverlayService now also checks for buttons with a componentParameter
      but without an enclosing container item. Those indicate a developer
      error. A warning is logged and the component parameter is ignored.
      Still todo: add more unit tests.
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      CHANNELMGR-1660 Remove unused translation for confirming editor switch · b3d05bcd
      Mathijs den Burger authored
      When auto-draft was implemented the confirmation for switching to the
      content editor was removed.
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      CHANNELMGR-1660 Specific confirm of save/discard when closing channel · ef07800b
      Mathijs den Burger authored
      Don't show 'Do you want to save or discard these changes before opening
      a new document?' but 'Do you want to save or discard these changes
      before closing the channel?'.
      Do this via an extra state transition hook that's fired before the
      uiCanExit hooks of the controllers. The resolved value of
      ContentEditor#confirmSaveOrDiscardChanges changed from a boolean to the
      action string ('SAVE' or 'DISCARD') because resolving with 'false'
      prevents the state transition to 'hippo-cm' from happening. Returning
      the action string also reads nicer in the calling code.
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      CHANNELMGR-1642 Rename OTHER_PROJECT to PART_OF_PROJECT · 66744fbb
      Michiel Eggermont authored
      There are situations where a document cannot be edited while the active
      and associated project for a document are the same. In that case we
      want to show the same message as when the document belongs to another
      project than the active one. This is also more in line with what is
      shown in the content perspective.
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