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Hippo CMS7 Release POM
Copyright 2011-2018 Hippo B.V. (
This product includes software developed by:
The Apache Software Foundation (
Hippo B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands (
NOTICE: Only our own original work is licensed under the terms of the Apache
License Version 2.0. The licenses of some libraries might impose different
redistribution or general licensing terms than those stated in the Apache
License. Users and redistributors are hereby requested to verify these
conditions and agree upon them.
# This is not the branch you're looking for...
BloomReach only provides the git trees for the release tags of Hippo CMS, as explained on
To checkout the code for a specific release tag, after cloning this repository, use the following:
## to show the available tags
git tag
## to checkout a specific tag
git checkout <tag name>
## to modify a project
If you want to make modifications to a project, for example to create a patch, create a new fork branch from the specific tag like this:
git checkout -b forked-<tag name> <tag name>
For the latter, also see the **Build from Source** documentation at
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