Commit cf44b4cb authored by Bert Leunis's avatar Bert Leunis Committed by Jeroen Hoffman

CMS-10741 [Back port to Hippo 11.2] fix typo in the word 'offline'

(cherry picked from commit 1cf5bacd)
parent 4a532cee
......@@ -4,11 +4,11 @@ reject-request-text=Feedback to author\:
rejected-request-question=Drop this request?
cancel-request=Cancel request
state-request-delete=Request for deletion
state-request-depublish=Take off-line request
state-scheduleddepublish=Scheduled take off-line on {0}
state-request-depublish=Take offline request
state-scheduleddepublish=Scheduled take offline on {0}
drop-request=Show rejected request...
state-request-rejected=Rejected request
state-request-scheduleddepublish=Request take off-line on {0}
state-request-scheduleddepublish=Request take offline on {0}
accept-request=Accept request
state-request-publish=Publication request
reject-request=Reject request...
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