Commit 5f796c4d authored by Mathijs den Burger's avatar Mathijs den Burger

CMS7-6770: added LICENSE and NOTICE file

parent 29baf5fc
* text=auto !eol
/LICENSE -text
/NOTICE -text
/pom.xml -text
src/main/java/org/hippoecm/hst/servlet/ -text
src/main/java/org/onehippo/cms7/utilities/io/ -text
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This product includes software developed by:
The Apache Software Foundation (
Hippo B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands (
NOTICE: Only our own original work is licensed under the terms of the
Apache License Version 2.0. The licenses of some libraries might impose
different redistribution or general licensing terms than those stated in the
Apache License. Users and redistributors are hereby requested to verify these
conditions and agree upon them.
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