Commit 25c7c8e2 authored by Bert Leunis's avatar Bert Leunis

CMS-11416 replace label of terms and conditions link

The text is now "BloomReach Privacy Statement".

(cherry picked from commit 68032c96)
parent ad463a54
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ repository-version-outro-label=)
cms-version-intro-label=Hippo CMS version
edition.label=© 1999-2018 BloomReach B.V.
terms-and-conditions-label=Terms & Conditions
terms-and-conditions-label=BloomReach Privacy Statement
browser.unsupported.warning=Note: you''re using a browser that we haven''t tested with Hippo CMS. To be sure Hippo CMS works as intended, please use one of the browsers listed on our <a href="">requirements page</a>.
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