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Commit e32c0847 authored by Arthur Bogaart's avatar Arthur Bogaart Committed by Arent-Jan Banck

CMS-11189 Use non-null settings reference to create YuiDatePicker

While refactoring issue CMS 11063, a bug was introduced that allowed the
YuiDatePicker to be created with a null reference for its settings.
This in turn resulted in another null reference in the browser and a
broken scheduled (de)publish dialog.
Fixed by using the correct reference.
parent ab582b60
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ public class YuiDateTimeField extends DateTimeField {
// Remove existing behaviors from dateField
// And add our own YuiDatePicker instead
dateField.add(new YuiDatePicker(settings));
dateField.add(new YuiDatePicker(this.settings));
// Restrict the size of the input field to match the date pattern
final int dateLength = calculateDateLength();
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