Commit 54da9e87 authored by Arthur Bogaart's avatar Arthur Bogaart

HIPPOTHEME-165 Use hardcoded value 'hippo-theme' for templates module

parent 58d71b4d
......@@ -55,9 +55,9 @@ var buildConfig = {
mainstyles: 'src/styles/main.scss',
vendorstyles: 'src/styles/vendor.scss',
jstplModule: + '.templates',
jstplModule: 'hippo-theme.templates',
jstplModuleBase: 'src/angularjs/',
jstpl: 'tmp/angularjs/' + + '-templates.js'
jstpl: 'tmp/angularjs/hippo-theme-templates.js'
module.exports = buildConfig;
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