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# Content Blocks Plugin
This is the Content Blocks plugin for Hippo CMS. Documentation on how to use this
plugin in your Hippo project can be found at:
## Plugin Demo
A demo project is provided to see the plugin in action.
### Requirements
* Java 8 JDK
* Maven 3
### Download, Build and Run the Demo Project
1. Download the plugin's source code from
* Alternatively you can clone the git repository on your local machine.
2. Extract the archive on your local file system.
3. Use Maven to build and run the demo project:
```cd hippo-plugin-content-blocks/demo
mvn verify
mvn -P```
4. Hippo CMS will be available at http://localhost:8080/cms/ (login using
credentials `admin`/`admin`).
The demo website will be available at http://localhost:8080/site/.
### Development Branches
To build and run the demo from a development branch you may need to configure
access to the Hippo Maven snapshots repository. For more information see the
following documentation page:
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