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# Selections Plugin
This is the Selections plugin for Hippo CMS. Documentation on how to use this
plugin in your Hippo project can be found at:
## Plugin Demo
A demo project is provided to see the plugin in action.
### Requirements
* Java 8 JDK
* Maven 3
### Download, Build and Run the Demo Project
1. Download the plugin's source code from
* Alternatively you can clone the git repository on your local machine.
* Use the latest stable branch named "release/x" (or "demo/x" in case the
demo is tagged seperately) where "x" is the version number.
* If you want to build the master branch demo you must configure the Hippo
Maven snapshot repository. See
for instructions.
2. Extract the archive on your local file system.
3. Use Maven to build and run the demo project:
cd hippo-plugin-selections/demo
mvn verify
mvn -P
4. Hippo CMS will be available at http://localhost:8080/cms/ (login using
credentials `admin`/`admin`).
The demo website will be available at http://localhost:8080/site/.
### Development Branches
To build and run the demo from a development branch you may need to configure
access to the Hippo Maven snapshots repository. For more information see the
following documentation page:
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