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    HIPPLUG-1383 [Backport 3.0] Remove the unused (since broken)... · 87e9d713
    Ard Schrijvers authored
    HIPPLUG-1383 [Backport 3.0] Remove the unused (since broken) SitemapFeedBasedOnHstSitemap and SiteMapBasedOnHstSiteMapResource sitemap generators
    As a result, quite some other code was unused, which in turn triggered other code to be possible to be removed.
    Note I also do a content delete for
    since this component refers to SitemapFeedBasedOnHstSitemap.
    I've tested that after a restart (with existing repository), that 'forge-sitemap-based-on-hst-configuration-feed'
    component is gone, basic sitemap and NewsSitemapFeed still work as expected
    (cherry picked from commit 601e15c1)
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