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Commit 282cb7a1 authored by Ate Douma's avatar Ate Douma

REPO-1881 ensure configuration.xml is found, also within unit tests

parent a70298c4
......@@ -321,7 +321,7 @@ public class LocalHippoRepository extends HippoRepositoryImpl {
initializeSystemNodeTypes(initializationProcessor, bootstrapSession, jackrabbitRepository.getFileSystem());
if (!bootstrapSession.nodeExists("/hippo:configuration")) {
log.debug("Initializing configuration content");
BootstrapUtils.initializeNodecontent(bootstrapSession, "/", getClass().getResource("configuration.xml"));
BootstrapUtils.initializeNodecontent(bootstrapSession, "/", getClass().getResource("/org/hippoecm/repository/configuration.xml"));;
} else {
log.debug("Initial configuration content already present");
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