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    CMS7-7024: fixes and improvements from source review https://source.onehippo.com/cru/CMS7-117 · 622a30e6
    Ate Douma authored
    - javadoc improvements
    - dropped ContentType.isTemplateType()
    - resolved some TODOs
    - fixed potential concurrent write access to AggregatedContentTypesCache
    - fixed potential out-of-sync ContentType name cache
    - added a few missing checkSealed() checks
    - wrapped some NodeIterator usages with NodeIterable to simplify for loops
    - added check and fallback/repair routine to guard against ContentType circulair supertype configuration errors, also added unit test
    - don't throw original exception on loading EffectiveNodeTypes/ContentTypes if retry succeeds
    - fix and improve readability of EffectiveNodeTypeImpl.propertyComparator
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