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      CMS7-8836 besides some trivial refactoring of some methods and introducing a... · 371b1a5b
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      CMS7-8836 besides some trivial refactoring of some methods and introducing a WatchFilesUtils, now we make a distinction during startup whether autoreload is enabled or not: If not enabled, the normal repository bootstrapping and PostStartupTask will be executed to import webfiles. However, when auto reload is enabled, the import will always be done from the webfiles files system directory. The logic is as follows:
       1) During local development, the PostStartUpTask from bootstrap to import the web files from a jar is disabled by default (see (2)). Instead, during local development start up, webfiles are always imported into the repository from local filesystem, regardless whether you restart with an existing repository or a newly created one. This guarantees that local filesystem during development is always in sync with the repository webfiles. Even if the initialize item gets a reloadonstartup with new version configured, the PostStartUpTask from bootstrapping is disabled.
       2) When from the pom.xml <project.basedir>$
       </project.basedir> is removed, the Web File Watch gets disabled, and the initialization is done via normal bootstrapping, thus including the PostStartUpTask. The reloadonstartup logic is then also applied. This is useful for testing a new deployment locally.
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