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    • Ard Schrijvers's avatar
      HSTTWO-4333 By default, use old hst node loading behavior and spring init · b059e823
      Ard Schrijvers authored
      By default, the old (pre 12.x style) loading of hst config nodes (lazy
      on first request) is used and by default the spring component manager
      is initialized without checking and/or waiting whether the repository
      is already up and running. To get in version 11.2 or 10.2 to the behavior
      of version 12.x, you need to add to your web.xml:
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    • Ard Schrijvers's avatar
      HSTTWO-4336 [Backport 11.2] organize imports · aa0edae3
      Ard Schrijvers authored
      (cherry picked from commit 613b204f)
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      HSTTWO-4336 [Backport 11.2] Create a PingFilter next to the PingServlet · bf0b4a72
      Ard Schrijvers authored
      The PingServlet has as disadvantage that it needs to load the entire HST
      model before it can return. This is because the PingServlet is after
      the HstFilter. When this initial check takes very long, a load balancer
      might send in the meantime many more ping requests.
      This can cause startup problems
      When using this PingFilter, directly a 200 is returned or a 503 (where
      the latter means the HST webapp is still starting up). There are different
      modes to check on (for example whether all hst config jcr nodes are loaded,
      or the hst services is available, or just the repository)
      (cherry picked from commit 9d14487a)
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      HSTTWO-4326 [Backport 11.2] Move setting the flag that jcr nodes have been... · acb99cbb
      Ard Schrijvers authored
      HSTTWO-4326 [Backport 11.2] Move setting the flag that jcr nodes have been loaded to more logical location
      (cherry picked from commit b12ff712)
    • Ard Schrijvers's avatar
      HSTTWO-4326 [Backport 11.2] Actively preload all Hst Configuration jcr nodes without http request · 3b256d6d
      Ard Schrijvers authored
      Before, the first http request triggers the loading of all hst configuration
      jcr nodes after which the hst model is constructed. The latter part is really
      fast because all in memory. The first part, loading all jcr nodes requires
      many database calls and can be slow in case when there are very many hst config
      Triggering now the loading of all hst configuration nodes when the HST
      spring component manager has just been initialized. Since we postpone the
      hst spring componenent mngr initialization after the repository is available,
      we can now always load the hst configuration nodes right after the mngr
      has become available
      To suppress this initial loading without http request of the hst
      configuration nodes, you can set a context param in the web.xml
      with hst-lazy-configuration-loading = true. By default, the lazy
      loading is false
      (cherry picked from commit 0dee51d9)
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      HSTTWO-4324 [Backport 11.2] Support root Spring application context creation to be delayed · b59cabcb
      Ard Schrijvers authored
      If a customer has next to the HST Spring Component Manager also a Spring
      root application context, and this root application context has Spring
      beans that need to be able to access the HST Spring component manager,
      then the initialization needs to be postponed untill the HstServices are
      (cherry picked from commit 14639bf2)
    • Ard Schrijvers's avatar
      HSTTWO-4324 [Backport 11.2] Postpone initializing the HST Component Manager · ad9535a6
      Ard Schrijvers authored
      Postpone initializing the HST Component Manager until the
      RepositoryService is available. Sinec we postpone the HST Spring Component
      Manager creation, we can now during bean initialization already get
      access to the repository and can refrain from all kind of lazy initialization
      or using Supplier patterns to get hold of, say, a JCR session
      (cherry picked from commit 319eb8b9)
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